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Conversation along the road

Monday, 5 August 2019 With my left walking boot, I kick a dead mouse into the hedge.Crossing a woman, she asks: “What was that on the footpath?”“A mice”, I reply… “A mouse”, I correct immediately, thinking how silly it sounds,… Continue Reading →

Conversation on the ridge

Conversation at the village shop

“Hello, how are you doing today?” the friendly shopkeeper asks. “Thanks, I’m doing fine, and you?” is my polite and curious reply. “Quite good.” He straightens his green apron with the logo of the shop, firing a series of short… Continue Reading →

Conversation on the ridge

“Can you take any nice pictures with this weather?” the man with the black dog asks. “Oh yes, any weather is good,” I reply enthusiastically. “It’s such a dreadful morning,” the man states, observing the sky. “I actually like it…. Continue Reading →

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