“Can you take any nice pictures with this weather?” the man with the black dog asks.

“Oh yes, any weather is good,” I reply enthusiastically.

“It’s such a dreadful morning,” the man states, observing the sky.

“I actually like it. And, it’s…” – I’m looking for the proper word – “… a challenge to take a good picture, also with light rain.”

“What’s that over there, that white thing in the field,” the man points out just before a hedgerow in the distance.

“Hmm… not quite sure…” I watch, pause and, spot a person wearing a bright red jacket in the middle of a field. “A dog,” I say rather disappointing.

“Just a dog,” the man replies just a bit agitated, stressing the first word. “Have a good day.”

“Bye then. Have an enjoyable walk.”

It starts drizzling.