Chasing rainbows

Love in the Time of Corona #3 | Wednesday, 25th March 2020

A clear blue sky from sunrise to sunset makes it pretty impossible to spot a startling rainbow. To see a rainbow in nature you need some rain, some sunshine to shine on that rain, and a person between the two with its back to the sun. So no way that could happen today, unless somebody was playing with the hose in the sunny garden.

Nevertheless in these unusual times, in the early morning, on my way to the village shop to get the newspaper, I noticed several rainbows, paintings and drawings by children, all quite artistic. Not only here in the village, the county, and the country, but across the world, rainbows brighten up windows as children give the message ‘everything will be okay’, a message of hope. Some kids, when out with their parents, play a new game: “chase the rainbow”.

In the afternoon I decided to have a second exercise for the day – do I get a fine now? – chasing rainbows in the village, finding a dozen of them. On one of the social media app I read a mother’s comment: “We all need all the positivity we can get right now, no? Hopefully, this will lift people’s spirits, even if it’s just a smile, and it is keeping kids busy, too.” For sure, it works, because the kids’ creativity made me even happier than I already was.

Strolling the streets of Waltham on the Wolds it also seems a usual day: not so many people outside, cars zigzagging through High Street and some speedy drivers on the A607. One significant difference, when approaching somebody from the opposite direction people tend to make an abrupt diverging movement to avoid contact, complying with the so-called social distancing.

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