Londonthorpe Woods, Belton Park, Bellmount and Alma Park Wood

The Woodland Trust and the National Trust, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, are working together to reconnect Grantham to its historic landscape. Access to Londonthorpe Woods, Bellmount, and Alma Park Wood will be improved for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

As a heritage researcher and a freelance photographer I am volunteering to browse through the history of its places and landscape, and taking pictures on different levels:

  • fixed point photography: at 16 places, mostly from multiple angles, capturing the changes made before and after the planned infrastructure and improvement works
  • travel in time: in search of the places where old pictures were taken (opens in another website)
  • day-to-day photography: activities, events,…

On the map below you can hoover over the exciting landscape and look for interesting spots, a way to follow the project’s progress.

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Fixed point photography

Belton Park

1. Eastern Avenue – Belton Park

Fence deer sanctuary – Direction Bellmount Tower

Fence deer sanctuary – Direction Belton House

Between trees 701 and 702 – Direction Bellmount Tower

Between trees 701 and 702 – Direction Belton House

Garden wall – Direction Bellmount Tower

Garden wall – Direction Belton House

East wall Belton House – Direction Bellmount Tower

Tree #701 – Small-leaved lime – c. 1700

Tree #702 – Small-leaved lime – c. 1700

Tree #703 – Common lime – Hatfield Tall – c. 1750

Tree #704 – Horse chestnut – c. 1830

2. Bellmount Car Park – Belton Park

Entrance Five Gates Lane

Bellmount Avenue

Inside corner

3. Bellmount Tower – Belton Park

At the bottom

At the top

Londonthorpe Woods

4. WT/NT Boundaries – Londonthorpe Woods

Bridge area – Woodland Trust side

Bridge area – National Trust side

Gate area – Woodland Trust side

Gate area – National Trust side

5. Schools Area and Pond – Londonthorpe Woods


Facing the construction

From the bench

6. Londonthorpe Car Park – Londonthorpe Woods


Inside car park

From easy access track

7. Bus Layby and Crossing – Londonthorpe Woods

Bus layby


8. Easy Access Track – Londonthorpe Woods

9. Cycle Route – Londonthorpe Woods

View to north east

View to south west

Entrance Alma Park

Alma Park Wood

10. Entrance Fifth Avenue – Alma Park Wood

11. Schools Area – Alma Park Wood


Facing the construction

12. Board Walk – Alma Park Wood

13. Rifle Range – Alma Park Wood

From south west side

From south side

From west side

14. Machine Gun Range – Alma Park Wood

Bottom view

Top view

15. Grazing Area – Alma Park Wood

16. Planting Area – Alma Wood Park

View south

View north

Travel In Time

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Day-to-day photography

Tree planting action in Bellmount Plantation – 4 December 2019

Tree planting action in Alma Park – 5 December 2020

Tree cutting in Belton Park Eastern Avenue – 1 February 2021

Morning session of tree cutting February 1st 2021
Afternoon session of tree cutting February 1st 2021

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