William S. Thomson was a Scottish photographer who roamed his beloved country during the 1950s. Based in Corpach, Fort William, he produced about 20 smaller booklets, focused on different regions, in the Let's See Scotland series. His books The Highland in Colour, published by Oliver & Boyd in 1954, and Colourful Scotland, from the same publisher in 1956, can be seen as overviews. For Travel in Time I rediscover the Highlands and wonder in Thomson's footsteps.

Let’s See. The Isle of Sky (n.d., William S. Thomson, Corpach, Fort William) published in the 1940s and 1950s a series of about 20 oblong A5 format booklets on different regions of Scotland. Although his two books on Scotland with a series of colour photographs, that pictured the highlights of Scotland, the Let’s See series gave a more detailed view of a particular region. Most of the pictures are in black and white.

The accompanied story was written by Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton OBE, DFC (1909-1964), a Scottish aristocrat, aviator and politician.